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The other day, I reached one of those milestone moments: my first time participating in a podcast. I was honored to chat with garden guru Ken Druse for his online program Real Dirt. If you haven’t listened to Real Dirt before, you’ll want to check it out. Ken talks with people from all corners of the horticulture world and touches on all manner of subjects interesting to gardeners.

My talk with Ken is the second half of the May 7, 2010 show. We discuss cottage gardening, personalizing outdoor spaces and the payoff gardeners get from improving their soil. Scroll down and you’ll find lots of other fascinating people, plants and garden projects Ken has brought to his audience.  He and I would both appreciate it if you’d please visit, listen and comment.


2 Responses to “My Podcast Debut”
  1. Hugh McNally says:

    The direct link to this podcast episode is:

    Everyone should download it and subscribe!

  2. admin says:

    Full disclosure: Hugh is my personal cheerleader. 🙂

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