The Shady Lady’s Guide to Northeast Shade Gardening: Photos of Selected Shrubs

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Rhododendron 'Chionoides'Rhododendron ‘Chionoides’ (broad-leaved hybrid rhododendron)



Rhododendron 'Girard's Kathy' (evergreen azalea) Rhododendron ‘Girard’s Kathy’ (evergreen azalea)



Rhododendron roseum (deciduous azalea)Rhododendron roseum (deciduous azalea)



Pieris japonicaPieris japonica (andromeda)



Kalmia latifoliaKalmia latifolia ‘Nathan Hale’ (mountain laurel cultivar)



Leucothoe sp.Leucothoe sp. (probably L. fontenisiana)



Ilex hybridIlex hybrid (probably a cultivar of I. x meservae)



Hydrangea macrophylla (bigleaf hydrangea)Hydrangea macrophylla



Hydrangea arborescensHydrangea arborescensĀ (smooth hydrangea, probably ‘Annabelle’)



Hydrangea quercifoliaHydrangea quercifolia (oakleaf hydrangea)



Viburnum acerifoliumViburnum acerifoliumĀ (maple-leaved viburnum)



FothergillaFothergilla gardenii cv. (fothergilla)



Lindera benzoinLindera benzoin (spicebush) in flower



Lindera benzoin Lindera benzoin (spicebush) inĀ fruit



Ilex verticillataIlex verticillata (winterberry) berries



Clethra alnifoliaClethra alnifolia (summersweet)



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